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You are the one and the only

Posted by Devil Sophie on 24/08/2018 in Devil Sophie Stories

I fall in love with you every day, your atention make me fly, i adore your support and the symbol of your love is the way how  you make me feel in every moment when i fall down, you are here to make me smile, are here to make me strong and please keep this way all life,are my angel, are my all .You are the one and the only for me!

I wait every time like a child to open my eyes,sleepy to write on you in my mornings times and wishing you a very wonderful day like you, my love! I adore how you care of me,how special are for me, my heart beating so fast on every message we change to eachother. I think on you on every second of my life, nothing cannot change my feelings for you, i feel you so close to me my love .... stay close to me forever, you are the one who make me happy and mad and crazy all the time! Just love the way how special you make me feel! I am crazy ... i know,but ? you are here to change my life, to help me pass all in a better way and smile always when i feel that my world doesn't exsist!

Thank-you love for perfect days, gifts and all support always gave me!

P.S : This story is special made for a wonderful and special person in my life!


So special you are too my dear! Wonderful story ??
I get in love of you too my darling, Sophie!You are and means so much for me!
It is important to have such person in life
love to read your blog! i see you do a great job in here! stay always special!

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