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Waiting for santa -happy holidays

Posted by Devil Sophie on 10/12/2018 in Devil Sophie Stories

    Outside snowing  with small flakes, I look at the reflective glass for the next day and look forward to a sign from you. I sit down at the table, take a sheet and a pen and put the wonderful thoughts with a tear on my cheek.  We are waiting this day so ... I remember how we spend the most beautiful moments together on the eve of these holidays!  The phone is ringing!

- I stop writing and I answer:

- Hi, I called you to wish you Happy Holidays and do not forget that Santa will come to you too! I kiss you and we can hear it well !

I responded with ease!                                   

 Happy Holidays to you too ! As a child we expect the Christmas day , the tree was multicolored and gave me the strongest feeling of tranquility that I was part of ! I'm sitting on the bed thinking about you , listening to my favorite song , chopping off a glass of champagne that mistakenly poured on my breasts. That was the moment when I crazed a crazy pleasure, I started to gently massage my breasts, I knew you wanted to be here to squeeze every drop of champagne to my body, I was staring naked and excited that I could not hold until I get to the heights of pleasure. I touched my breath while my breath was hot and suddenly my clitoris exploded at your touch. I thought I was dreaming until I opened my eyes and realized that you were present next to me! You looked in my eyes and filled with that burning desire You started to penetrate me deeply You took me in your arms You took me to the fireplace In the light of the Christmas tree To create a romantic evening and I made love until I did not know by us. I melted in my arms as they burn candles in the chandelier.

With a warm voice you said to me:

- I'll be here forever!

Happy Holidays my dear !  Happy Holiday my love !

P.S : Wish to all my friends a very Happy and  pleasant Holidays ! Thanks for all wonderful time we spent together this year ! 


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