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Special connection

Posted by Devil Sophie on 04/08/2018 in Devil Sophie Stories

I realized that we cannot live alone in this world, always we have someone who care about us, like us, think on you and made you feel special every day! Yes, I found that you are this person for me too, got our special connection just thinking to each other and no more word about ! 

When I feel down you appear in my dreams and make me smile ,send me gifts and get me crazy with , I simple ador you and all what you do for me too is a supreme and pure respect and love ! Just you know what means this life with fears and didn’t scared you in any way ! Your protection is all what I need all life ! I think on you, I miss you and my mind is always on you ... did you feel this right ?

Our connection is really special!Stay with me forever sunshine ...live in my heart forever and keep my hand in yours !

P.S : Mrdam te lasko!:))


You are a gergeous person, and deserve to have many people around you who have care about you P.S: Taky te mrdam

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