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My life story

Posted by Devil Sophie on 05/07/2019 in Devil Sophie Stories

 Is all about me and my life, real me with happiness and bad days .I am a single mommy, i have a small baby, after a marriage witch distroyed my life but all what was good for me in this was my baby witch is all for me.Some day after dinner with my kid and my friends cause they are the only one who are close to me, i do not have any  family, just few friends who i meet on University and till then they become my familly, i feelt very bad,they got me on emercency i did lot's of test and for the first time in my life i feel that all my life get changed.

I begin to work like a webcam model just to do my son life better , was all good till the day i was diagnosticated with cancer and i couldn't continue my job and my son was most time alone cause me i could't take care of him in any way, all the time i feel dizzy, i feel confuse and distroyed thinking about all what could happend to me, i was visiting lot's doctors hoping that diagnostic is wrong and me i am normal, but all the doctor gave me same diagnostic. I could't talk to anybody about some time, my friends was close to me if also i lie to them cause i am ok they saw me every day more sick, more skinny so i decided to take this is serious and do all the step is neccesary for it.Is very hard to talk about every day i stay in hospital and i still doing, about every chemotherapy and trataments they gave me, about a surgery i had but was not that much succefully so, i still continue also doing trataments for it  and i need a surgery who cost me a fortune and i do not have any support, every day is more hard for me, i cryed alot, sometimes i stop to belive than i have a chance to live and see my son grow up, i feel ugly, i am depressive and i stopped fight. You know how hard is it to live more in hospitals than be in your own bed? You know the feeling when get frozen and want so hard to feel a warm hand touching you? Me i feel only frozen, forgoten in a small bed in hospitals full of trataments witch never know is worked good or respond to my body. I fight all the time thinking that home is waiting me my son witch i didn't saw it for long time. I do not know why happend this to me but all i need is your help and support .I cannot make it anymore alone. Is too much for me and i lose all my powers.Please gave me a chance to grow my son . i cry, sorry but when i remember all what i pass throuth i cannot also write about, i feel disappointed and all i wish for everybody is to be happy if they are safe and had somebody who care of them.

P.S: I wish to write more but, my tears win and my power are less right now. I will continue my story sooner .

Thank-you for every support, love, help  you gave me! Love and respect too all my friends who was close to me in all this time.I will never forgot .Every cent you donate, buy my membership, buy my videos will be used for my trataments and surgery. Love you all.




you will have always my support. and i will give you all what i can. You are amazing person and do not deserve such live. You deserve Only best and only happines in your live. I know you good and know that you deserve all support. So please others Help her too because she deserve much better live
Thanks alot for your support and unconditional love!?? Means so much for me , more in those moments

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