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Hot night-sensual story

Posted by Devil Sophie on 20/11/2018 in Devil Sophie Stories

     I turned Off the office lights and headed for the exit.In the winderness building, only the footsteps of my lost steps were heard.The lights want out one by one behind me, like the lights on the stage of the theater, making me feel like a star triumphant after a successful show .

      The cold air of the night school my body.My hurried steps Take me to the parking lot where i had the car.

The cool moon was surrounded by a burst of bright stars.             

I Look at them with a smile, giving me a wish.

Suddenly i hear your voice in me.My body is shaken by the memory of your morning imagine.A strong and hot thriller makes me vibrate and stretch like the bow of an arc that prepares to launch an arrow.

Thought drives me to your powerful palms that catch my breast and make them suddenly wake up to the sweet memory of your touch.

Walking becomes suddenly lighter, making the short road to the car become much longer.

Nostrils is filling me with you.I close my eyes, smell,feel you.Your lips fit warmly over my intriped mouth in your expectation.I feel the fine vibe of your teeth sticking on my lips. In the middle of the street under the strong light of the moon i stop with my mouth open...

I Take down the scarf from my neck, touching my breast in the easy fall of my hand.Your voice crosses the body that is hypnotized by you.My hot lips are looking for you ... Listening to your unspoken thought i touch my lips.

I am beggining to find it harder to remember your hot skin that,like in a wild and passionate dance,i cherished for hours.

I rush my steps towards the visibly excited car of your longing ... 

The phone ring and your strong voice makes me jump again ...

_I knew you miss me, I told you with your feet trebling to the pleasure of hearing your warm powerful voice.

" How did you know? " Lukas playful voice asked me

_ If you feel how many times you think on me,how many times i know you miss me,whenever i know you want to make love with me, i still answered her under the eroticism of my memories.I read my thoughts, i feel your perfume, i feel your hands touch me in a hot and strong hug.

" I miss you and i want you right now," Lukas said on the phone.Where are you ?

_I headed for the car,I just got into the car, I am driving, i told her to make me comfortable, letting go of the music. Sensual music filled the small space of the car.

-Is it hot now?Lukas asked me

" It's warm and well since you're in my mind," i said ,cheered.I want you to be right next to me, to feel you, to get in your arms, to kiss me. I miss you.

-I miss you too.I liked the surprise on the jacket.Your red and cented lips have been with me all the time.And my scent turned my sense into a smile.I am crazy about you Sophie, but you know that.I am crazy , i feel you, i want you, i have you in my head, i miss you Sophie, i am so longing.

" Lukas kiss me, " i said whispering ,making my comforter in the car.

-Put your  clothes down and i just want you to stay in the dress.All day , i had your imagine in the red dress that makes you so sexy.I can hardly wait to get it down.

"I want you to open your legs and feel my hand touching your sweet and fragrant skin," Lukas continued ,her voice slighly gaunt.

You feel me ?

" I feel you," i said visibly excited, starting to eat myself.

_I want you to run your breasts.Such As? Are they strong excited? Lukas asked me with a voice of pleasure

-They are warm i answered as i began to caress my breasts.I started to move my legs of pleasure.I felt Lukas hot near me.My state of excitiment grew under the effect of his extremlly warm and sensual voice.My breasts were tough, my nipples were naughty in my palm ,where i felt Lukas heroic energy.

-I want to fuck your thighs,with soft and long movements.Your hands get easy  inside your thighs but do not touch your sex.As i do when i make love to you. I want you to get excited as if i were you laga.I want you to be ready for me, Lukas went on the phone.I want to hear your voice and i want to know you want me as much as i do.

Excited by Lukas erotism words, i began to work with my clitoris ,round movements, prolonging the inside of my thighs .The state of excitiment was pressing but extremly plesant. I was vibrating all.  My sex is hot on Lukas longing.

" Fuck me, baby ,i want to hear your voice," Lukas whispered.

-Lukas i need you now,I want to feel you inside me,I am so hot, i said overwhelmed by love.

" I want you to touch," continued  and telling me how you are, how you feel.

-My fingers have slipped to the hot and warm clitoris.I lay in the car seat.My motives of pleasure were covered by the music that was hears in the car.

Are you wet baby? are you ready for me? he whispered to me in the telephone Lukas.

"I continued to touch myself, imaging Lukas hands on my body ready to explode.

My feet were spasmatic in my almost desperate attempt to squeeze Lukas between my legs.My face was invade by the image of Lukas this morning ,naked, beautiful, strong and excited.

-Do you love me?

-I love you Lukas and i miss you,I want you now, i went on lost, whispering in the phone.

Sophie' s crazy about you, you know that.You need to know that, Lukas went on as excited as i was.

Suddenly the door of the  car opened, Lukas lips kissed my lips deliciously and long,while his powerful hand touched my horny and wet sex.

I am crazy about you Sophie.The smell of your perfume impregnated on my skin made me so bad today.I wanted to call you a dozen times this morning.I wanted to come and make love with you.

His hands lifted my dress, touching my breasts while his lips began to kiss me.The soft and wet toungue began to kiss me long and intimate ,catching her body between my legs.

Music continues to appear sensual among our groans of pleasure.

     Streamed windows lit by the brilliance of the moon let us love ourselves for a long time.


P. S : If you like my story and my character for it, feel free to write one story for me too and send it on www.devilsophie.com or contact @devilsophie.com


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