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Crazy with you

Posted by Devil Sophie on 20/08/2018 in Devil Sophie Stories

I adore to sleep with you in my mind, getting crazy also when you do not respond to my messages but i feel in that time cause my world go on, my mind do not think at nothing just on you, i have days when i do not wanna woke up to my big bed just to be lazy imagine you near me.

- Oh, my love! My heart is beating so much when i am thinking on you and i imagine you touch me under the skirt,looking into my eyes and kissing me slow telling me how much you adore me ! Did you feel my smell?My sensual skin touching your body and i let you slow to feel my wet pussy ,pushing slow one finger and taste my juice, you tell me:

-Mmm,i want to eat you all, Sophie! Your pussy is so weeeeeeeet and i adore how you scream when i touch your clit !Exciting me so much ,i wanna get so deep in you right now! With my lost voice full of excitiment i told you to continue touch my clit ,i scream slow and i got crazy full of pleasure for you.I fight with you all the time but this also exciting me and you know me more than anybody else,your love is everything for me,your gifts always make me happy and more than all i adore how you make me dream when i cannot woke up to my big bed ,i still do not wanna woke up cause wanna finished this hot story but a buzz to my phone just woke up me .....

-Guess? who send me messages? is you my love !Now i must woke up to begin a new crazy day together! Always miss you and are in my heart forever!


It’s must be about your piggy!!! Nice story. I’m waiting for another one :)
yes ..is all about my piggy ! eheheh
Cute baby! Love everything with you !xoxo

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